Budget Rental Car Rental Agreement

An additional $16.50 per day (including GST) is charged. This supplement is not reflected in the estimated costs and will be added to your rental costs. If the trip takes on a new place, it can be difficult to navigate yourself. The over-the-counter GPS device will do this for you and will get you to your location with clear directions, turn-by-turn, which announces the routes with name conditions: ` Available on participating sites. Budget will keep your request with your booking, but cannot guarantee availability until the rental is recovered – The reliability of the itinerary depends on the software provided by the provider. I (tenant); confirm that the budget GPS navigation unit uses global tracking satellites. I recognize that the GPS unit may be limited by atmospheric or topographical conditions. I also recognize that the BUDGET GPS unit can be rendered inoperative if it is handled or destroyed or damaged in the event of an accident, or if satellite systems are hobbled and inactive. The tenant is responsible for all costs in case of loss, stolen budget or damaged GPS GPS navigation device and all its components.

The tenant agrees to release the budget for all GPS unit failures and keep them unscathed. The tenant or driver must use the rental car as an appropriate administrator and take care of this from the date the rental car is received until it is returned to us (hereafter referred to as the “period of use”). 2. We may disclose the data recorded by the disc recorder above in the case of one of the following data. (1) If it is deemed necessary to resolve accidents and problems related to this service and the car rental vehicle (information to the insurance companies with which we are contracted in the event of an accident/problem) (2) If this is required by law or by a public authority. The tenant or driver pays us the consumption tax, including the local excise tax levied on the rental process in accordance with the terms and conditions. For bookings from 01 July 2018, additional driving charges are now charged, with additional driving charges at each rent in Australia or New Zealand.