Etihad Interline Agreement

S7 Airlines continues to develop its network. A codeshare agreement is one way to do that. It allows free ticket sales for certain flights of the two partners. Such flights are registered in the airline`s reservation system with the codes of both partners and passengers register transport on behalf of an airline. Paul Simmons, Chief Commercial Officer of Cobalt Air (pictured above), said: “Cobalt is less than two years old and is being taken over as an Interline partner by Etihad Airways, one of the world`s largest and most prestigious airlines. Since Ethiad is involved in Dens` aircraft and uses its metal on some routes, it is much more connected and integrated than a simple alliance or interconnection agreement signed by Abu Dhabi airline Etihad Airways with Fiji Airways. Prorate Special Agreements offer S7 passengers the unique opportunity to travel around the world at surprisingly attractive prices, provided exclusively by their partners. As part of the agreement, the reciprocal sale of 12 cities in Europe, 17 in the Middle East, 5 in Africa, 5 in North America, 29 in Asia and three cities in Australia departs from and to Fiji. Fiji Airway`s other partners are American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Air New Zealand. Cypriot airline Cobalt Air has entered into an interconnection agreement with Etihad Airways and said the agreement would help it expand its passenger range and open Cyprus to a multitude of more than 100 routes between Abu Dhabi and the East. “Fiji is an excellent holiday market and we are pleased to offer Fiji as an additional destination in our global network. The agreement also connects the South Pacific outside our network, creating more opportunities for our global salespeople,” said James Hogan, President and CEO of Etihad Airways.

In 2011, Etihad signed a new 10-year contract with Panasonic Avionics Corporation to provide in-flight entertainment, including broadband internet and live television. [91] The agreement is the “starting point for further negotiations between the two airlines,” according to Etihad, indicating that a codeshare agreement or shareholding acquisition could be in sight.